Assistant Principal,Grade 3 Teacher

lori hayes

Classroom Highlights
There are so many exciting things that happen in the third grade but three highlights that stand out are:

  1. The Christmas luncheon. Students are a welcome sight dressed in their “Sunday best attire.” After a special blessing from our pastor Fr. Shea, students celebrate the birth of Jesus by sitting down and sharing a festive holiday lunch with their classmates. Everything from appetizers to desserts are on the menu! There are also Christmas games, singing, and reading of The Night Before Christmas to get us all in the Yuletide spirit.
  2. Students learn everything they need to know about penguins and more! During January, after reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins written by Florence and Richard Atwater, students are assigned a penguin to learn about and research. Students are also asked to create models of their species of penguins using materials of their choice. The students will tell you the chilling details.
  3. Do you know your State’s history? What is the state flower? What is the state cookie? Students learn these fun facts about Massachusetts’ history while making a float for our classroom parade. The students will spill the Boston beans when they get home!

Educational Background
B.S. in Elementary Education – Salem State College, Salem, MA
Massachusetts Teacher Certification

Teaching Experience
32 years at St. Charles School!

Other Roles
Member of St. Charles Parish
Eucharistic Minister

Fun Fact
Some people have a favorite color. I seem to go through periods of time when I’m attracted to one over all others. Recently I’m obsessed with the color orange!

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