Preschool Teacher (3-4 Year Old Program)

Heather Wells

Classroom Highlights

  • Children take turns being the “Special Helper” each day. They sit in a special chair during rug time, help set up snack, count on the calendar, choose the weather and get to be the line leader for the day.
  • We focus on a “Number of the Week” and “Letter of the Week” in our class. This week we will have a “Hat Day” when children will wear their favorite or funniest hats to school!
  • We are making “I Can Draw A-Z” books to take home at the end of the year. Each week we learn how to draw something that starts with the Letter of the Week.

Educational Background
Bachelors of Science degree from Fitchburg State College – Early Childhood Education
Masters Degree from Cambridge College – General Education

Teaching Experience
Second year at St. Charles!

Fun Fact
My family adopted 2 dogs from Georgia. One of them has only 3 legs!

Contact Heather Wells
Email: [email protected]