Saint Anthony School

School Overview

Saint Anthony School is a Pre-K through Grade 8 Roman Catholic school located in Everett, Massachusetts. For the past 60 years, Saint Anthony School has been dedicated to providing a program that aims to develop the academic potential of its students. The school endeavors to provide a strong academic program while integrating Christian values as an essential part of the learning environment. 

Mission Statement

Saint Anthony School is a diverse community grounded in faith and tradition. We learn and live

by Catholic principles and strive for academic excellence.

Program Highlights

As an educational community, Saint Anthony School is committed to creating an atmosphere for learning. The school strives to provide solid academic standards and the integration of faith with learning into the daily lives of students. The school has a spirit of compassion and understanding where the dignity of every individual is a unique concern. Teaching and learning is based on the belief that educational opportunities should be balanced to help students develop an inquiring intellect and a strong social conscience. Saint Anthony School challenges the physical, cultural, spiritual and intellectual needs of students in order to inspire and prepare them to meet the challenges they will face in the future.


“I am so proud to be part of this wonderful community."

- Corinne M.